The ux repo contains several UI javascript widgets which follow a fairly simple structure. Everything is contained in the js folder and is an built as angular modules (with some vendor dependecies). For the purposes of this repository however, a ux.js is added, so if you need to add a new widget, you will have to add it there as a dependecy (as well as the file - the Gruntfile.js file contains a manifest of things that are copied to static. At the moment, you also need to add the relevant scripts tags yourself to the right layouts).

The modules should follow our AngularJS and Javascript guidelines (although at the time of writing, they don't).

Adding vendor code

Vendor code is managed with bower, to better keep track of version numbers and dependecies. There is no mechanism for cross checking these with the consuming repo - the only files exposed on purpose right now is our own code and vendor libs should be added separately (this was done to avoid problems with managing paths that might exist within JS/CSS).