The ux repository contains the core of Econsultancy front end - reusable JS/CSS components and static assets. It's goal is to create a vocabulary for building modern, responsive and accesible UI's that can be easily reused, extended and maintained across Econsultancy's web properties.

The bulk of ux are SCSS components created our own flavour of the BEM (Block-Element-Modifier) pattern. For javascript, we use AngularJS and take advantage of it's module and DI system to handle plugin dependecies. For managing vendor packages we use bower. Check out the Guides section in the navigation to find out how to create and extend the repo.

The repo includes a build system, but is meant to be consumed uncompiled, instead relying on the Rails asset pipeline to concatenate and minifiy the right files into desired bundles. The build system uses grunt and is designed to create a component development enviroment with browser live reload, auto-precompilation and static page generation all set up - to get started see the repo readme.